BLU Advance A4  A410  Original OEM Battery C813443130L

Brand:                  BLU

MPN:                    C813443130L

Capacity:              1300 mAh    4.81 Wh

Voltage:               3.7V       LIMITED CHARGE:   4.4V  Battery Type:   Li-Ion

Compatible:   BLU Advance A4 2019 GSM Unlocked 16GB Dual Sim 5MP Android Smartphone Phone Model A410U

High Quality BLU Battery

Rigorously manufactured to meet quality performance and safety standards.

Condition:           Brand New

Included:             1 OEM Battery

NOTE: This is about the phone


Unlocked Dual SIM smartphone, Android 8.1 Oreo Vivid 4.0" Touchscreen Display

5MP Main Camera with flash + 2MP Selfie Camera

16GB Internal memory 512MB RAM Micro SD up to 64GB, 1.3GHz Quad core processor with Mali-400 GPU

GSM Quad band, 3G (850/1700/1900): US compatibility Nationwide on all GSM Networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, Metro PCS, Straight Talk, and others

BLU Advance A4 2019 A410U GSM Unlocked P{hone Original OEM Battery C813443130L

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