BLU Original OEM battery  C775444200L for C5L max C0170ww C0171ww

Brand: BLU

Battery Number: C775444200L   

Capacity: 2000mAh   I  7.6 Wh

Voltage 3.8   Battery 

Compatible BLU C5L Max  C0170ww C0171ww C0172ww

Buy C775444200L BLU battery for c5l max

C5L MAX 848958041252 C0170WW,,C5L MAX 848958041269 C0170WW,C5L MAX 848958041276 C0170WW, C5L MAX 848958041283 C0170WW,C5L MAX 848958041290 C0170WW, C5L MAX 848958041351 C0170WW, C5L MAX 848958041368 C0170WW, C5L MAX 848958041436 C0170WW, C5L MAX 848958041443 C0170WW, C5L MAX 848958041450 C0170WW, C5L MAX 848958041474 C0170WW.

Rigorously manufactured to meet quality performance and safety standards.


BLU C5L Max C0170ww C0171ww Battery C775444200L

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