1499 1999

 BLU R1 HD R0010UU Original OEM Li Polymer Battery C675940250T 2500 mAh 3.8V

High Quality Li-ion Battery

BATTERY NUMBER: C675940250T reference: TLJ1605 TLJ1607 TLJ16F13 TPJ16G20 TPJ16G20/ TL1607/ TLR16k02

CAPACITY:  2 500 mAh     9.5 Wh

VOLTAGE:   3.8V  

COMPATIBLE:  BLU R1 Phone Model R0010uu

NOTE: We recommend Prior to purchase, make sure this Battery number C675940250T  OR TLJ1605 TLJ1607 TLJ16F13 TPJ16G20 TPJ16G20/ TL1607/ TLR16k02  is the same as your current Battery

C675940250T BLU Original OEM Li Polymer Battery for BLU R1 HD Phone Model R0010UU
1499 1999

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